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Hillbilly Literature

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Yes, you can now purchase and download Hillbilly Literature at Amazon.com. 

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support!

Hillbilly Ryan

Book Signing Deemed a Success!

When you measure success in terms of warm support from my friends and family, our first book signing was a huge success.  Despite the difficult weather, so many of you found a way to get to the Parson's Daughter to wish me good luck.  I am grateful for my family especially my son who found patience to sit by my side while I welcome such lovely people.  I extend Sharon Jeffers my most sincere thank you for inspiring the first public appearance and hosting my family at her shop.

Next week, Saturday December 21st we will be at McLaughin's Store in downtown Norwich.  They were so kind to invite us to join them and we are so glad to extend another opportunity for our friends to join us.

Hillbilly Herb!


Sneak Preview Story...


The Easy Chair


               The six old men, solemn and stooped, are as gray as the autumn afternoon.  Their rifles, held at port arms, are nearly as ancient as themselves.  Despite hands palsied by age and eyes rheumy with the raw October wind, the men stand erect, guardians of tradition.  The bare trees and the brown leaves that rustle about their feet whisper of the fate all men must meet.  The few other people in attendance huddle in misery; heads bowed to the harsh realities of time and nature

                Like the men themselves, the flag draped coffin is testament to another day- an age when right and wrong were more easily defined.  A time when a man’s word was his greatest badge of honor.

                My father was in the navy during WW11.  He never spoke of the destruction he witnessed but he carried his scars for a lifetime.  Today, he is being put to rest with military honors.  The six men are all veterans of foreign wars.  Their ranks have been ravaged by the hands of time.  The Honor Guard, a long and storied American tradition, will cease to exist when the Veterans from my father’s time have all passed on (email us or join our Group to read the full story)


Herb Ryan will be conducting two book signings in the coming weeks to mark the release of his debut literary effort, Hillbilly Literature.  Hillbilly Literature is a collection of short stories about everyday people in small towns that explore the larger issues of life, death and love.  On Saturday December 14th Ryan will be at The Parson's Daughter in downtown Norwich, NY from 1pm until 4pm, and on Saturday December 21st he will be at McLaughlin's Department Store from 1pm until 4pm.



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